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Station on the Green

The Station is rented by the hour with the hourly rate dependant on the day (weekday or weekend), the home location of the renting group, the amount of space required, the type of event (Social or Commercial) and the total hours of use.


First check the online events calendar to see if the date you want appears to be available. The online calendar is updated weekly so to be sure the date you want will work use the form on this page or call Sara at the Creemore Echo (705) 466-9906.




If you have a date in mind for an event at the Station and would like to confirm its availability and/or would like a cost estimate please complete the following form and then click the Submit button to send a request for information.

Please use 24 hour clock. e.g. 11:00 for 11 AM or 16:00 for 4 PM.  Noon is 12:00, midnight is 24:00